Showing True Colors - How you can help
As each and every day goes by, hundreds of fish are abused in the dyeing process. We say no creature should endure such abuse, but yet we do not know what action needs to be taken in order to stop this cruelty. Go to any pet store which sells dyed fish. Inform them about the process, and ask them to stop stocking them. If they do not comply, you can inform Death by about this. The stores will not be placed on any sort of black list for legal issues. However, if any one store agrees to stop selling dyed fish, they will be listed on 'Refuse to Buy the Dye', a "nice list", so to speak, when DBD is notified about their sacrifice and this is verified with the establishment. They will receive advertising benefits, including free ads on DBD for as long as not a single dyed fish comes near the store's profit. Thank you for your urge to help halt this truly barbaric process,

Mike Giangrasso

If you are a store willing to stop selling dyed fish, or a person informing DBD about such a store, email the following information to

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